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Introduction to Drones

This course covers all the basics that you need to know if you want to safely and legally operate a drone or remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS).

It’s ideal for hobbyists or those wanting to fly a drone under 2kg’s for commercial purposes. Spend the day with us and learn the basics of drone flying including cutting through the aviation jargon and making sense of the Drone Rules. Learn how to conduct basic manoeuvers on a drone and log some actual flight hours which can be used towards your Remote pilot qualification if you choose to go on and get fully licensed. You also get a certificate of completion which can help when applying for insurance cover.


CASA initial UAV portal UAV Training Australia
CASA Initial UAV Licensing (RePL)

This course enables professionals to become a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) licensed and certified remote pilot through theoretical and practical flight learning and development.


CASA pilot portal UAV Training Australia
CASA Pilot Conversion Course (RePL Conversion)

This course enables aviation professionals with prior aviation experience (holding a PPL, CPL and ATPL pilot’s license) a streamlined path into the RPAS industry.


sub 25 multirotor portal UAV Training Australia
Sub 25kg Multirotor Licensing (RePL Sub 25kg)

This course enables Remote Pilot License (RePL) professionals to learn the skills required to fly large drones safely and professionally.


night VFR portal UAV Training Australia
Night VFR RPAS Training (NVFR)

This specialist course is open to RePL holders at all levels and opens up the world of night flying.


High school drone training - UAV Training Australia UAV Training Australia
Training Programs for High Schools

UAV Training Australia is a CASA approved training organisation and provides CASA RPAS (Remote Pilot) licensing outcomes to Private and State High Schools in Queensland.


Drone training courses - UAV Training Australia UAV Training Australia
Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate and Aviation English Language Proficiency

Student pilots are required by CASA to be proficient in general English language and we are approved by CASA to conduct General English Language Proficiency (GELP) assessments.


Get certified with UAV Training, a CASA approved training organisation (ReOC.0872)

UAV Training Australia is a highly regarded organisation in Australia offering Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved drone (UAV) training and qualifications.

UAV Training Australia is also a professional UAV operator which allows us to provide industry focussed training which is valued highly by employers.

We hold a CASA Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC.0872) which authorises us as a CASA certified training organisation and allows us to provide the relevant training and issue you your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) when you complete the training and meet the requirements. We can also add more approvals to your current CASA licence.

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Thanks to UAV Training Australia I have just secured a full time position with Ultramag Geophysics as a Matrice 600 operator!

I’m looking forward to the hours and the experience that I will continue to gain with the M600 and payload out in the bush.

The two practical days were really enjoyable and very informative, I learned a lot and gained some great skills and additional confidence.

Thanks for your hard work putting together the practical component of the course for us!!

The trainers Michael and Wayne were professional and polite from 1st phone call to the end of the course.  I would DEFINITELY recommend UAV Training Australia to ANYONE looking to get their RePL and AROC.

I just finished my Remote Pilots Course and the instructors were the most professional and knowledgeable instructors I have had the pleasure to be instructed by in many years. Theory was so informative and their flying of UAV’s was amazing, skill that would be unchallenged.

Thank you for dedication towards my tuition. Best course ever, I learnt heaps! 

A great crew to learn from, excellent experience learning about the industry & gaining a licence!