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UAV Training Australia is a highly regarded organisation in Australia offering Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved drone (UAV) training and qualifications.
UAV Training Australia is also a UAV operator which allows us to provide industry focussed training which is valued highly by employers.
We hold a CASA Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC.0872) which authorises us as a CASA certified training organisation allowing us to help you get your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) or to add more approvals to your current CASA licence.

Student Resources

Our training has been developed by aviation education professionals and recognises that you will be piloting an aircraft not a toy. We ensure that you are prepared to operate safely and legally and if you wish to be employed in the industry, our training ensures you have the education and experience you need to succeed.

UAV Training Australia prides itself on our student resources which have been designed and written to ensure you have the skills and experience to pilot an aircraft.  Our training recognises you will be operating an aircraft in the aviation sector and as such, our development team has utilised skills from not only RPAS pilots but also commercial pilots from both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

The resources are  designed for students with various backgrounds, from secondary school students through to university students.  Our development team has utilised their broad experience across all facets of the aviation sphere including military and domestic RPAS’s and aircraft, emergency services, fixed wing and rotary operations to ensure you have the educational foundations you need to be successful.

Why do I need to be certified?

To fly for work or payment you need to possess  what is called a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).

Flying with appropriate certification as a professional also allows you to gain Public Liability Insurance for your work .

What is the minimum age to fly drones commercially?

There is currently no minimum age to gain a CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) however to hold an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) you need to be 17.  An AROC allows you to use radios to communicate with other operators or Air Traffic Control.  We will include an AROC in your training if you do not hold one.

What opportunities are there in flying drones?

The UAV industry is in it’s very early stages but is already growing very quickly. Globally the civilian sector is expected to more than double in 10 years to be worth more than $10 billion and we are seeing much faster growth than that in Australia.

What type of jobs would this training qualify me for?

The career options are limitless, you can become a dedicated pilot or alternatively add this training as a second qualification to professions such as surveyor, asset inspection engineer, photographer and much more

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